Energy Vision

The City of Surrey: Setting the Pace
for Sustainable Transportation

January 17, 2012

A new report from Energy Vision – "The City of Surrey: Setting the Pace for Sustainable Transportation!"


The report profiles a groundbreaking waste management and transportation plan developed by the Canadian City of Surrey in British Columbia.  It is the first community we have seen in the U.S. or Canada that has assumed a leadership role in orchestrating a closed loop system in which, by 2014, Surrey will have its refuse fleet powered, not by diesel fuel, but by renewable natural gas fuel made from the City’s own wastes.


The City of Surrey's plan has three interrelated provisions:

    • It is the first Canadian municipality to require use of natural gas trucks to provide its waste collection and recycling services (a bid won by BFI Canada).
    • It is launching a carefully planned initiative for collecting separated organics from Surrey’s 470,000 residents and its businesses
    • The collected organics will go to a new organics biofuel facility, due to begin operation in 2014, where the gases produced by these wastes will be processed into fuel for BFI’s trucks.
The U.S. and Canada are among the top five generators of municipal solid waste per capita as well as among the top 10 generators of climate-changing greenhouse gases in the world.  Surrey has embarked on a scale of change for tackling these problems that should serve as a model for communities across both countries – and beyond.


Here is a great story of a city that is getting “sustainability planning” right! 


Read the press release

Read the full report
(information on ordering a printed copy of the report is included on the inside back cover of the report)


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