Energy Vision

Energy Vision Releases “Waste to Wheels“
A New Report on Turning Trash into Vehicle Fuel

June 13, 2011

Every year, U.S. homes and institutions throw away enough garbage, yard trimmings, farm residues, and other organic waste to make renewable natural gas, a clean, petroleum-free fuel that could power millions of the nation’s trucks and buses. Energy Vision, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven and Argonne national laboratories, has been educating communities and business leaders on the benefits of this renewable fuel and has now released a new report to help raise its visibility and promote its use in the U.S.


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For more information on the report, contact: Gail Richardson, Vice President for EV Programs and author of "Waste to Wheels" at (212) 228-0225 or email Gail

For more information on the workshop and presentations which were the basis for this report, go to the DOE website: